Low pressure water mist is the automatic fire suppression system of the future. With hundreds of installations, our solutions have proven to be very cost competitive and yielding a very attractive total economy.  Our solutions protect thousands of residences and other building types, from hotels, offices and commercial buildings to institutions, schools, day-care facilities, care homes, hospitals and heritage buildings.


The water mist solutions offer safety and security for its' residents. The solutions are for instance found in 500 apartments at the Bread Factory (Brødfabrikken) in Oslo, Norway.

Bread Factory (Brødfabrikken)

Brødfabrikken, Løren in Oslo, Norway, will accommodate approx. 500 new apartments and office premises. The project is developed by Stor-Oslo Eiendom AS.

Nybyen Økern

Nybyen Økern in Oslo is a new residential property with about 400 apartments.  The apartments will be within walking distance to the new Økern Centre with shopping, movie theatres and an aqua park.

Townhomes/Row housing

  • Bergens gata 9, Oslo
  • Bygdøy Alle 60, Oslo
  • Ebbels gate 3, Oslo
  • Grønlandsleiret 19, Oslo
  • Home Keysers gate, Oslo
  • Olaf Ryes plass 2, Oslo
  • Osterhaus gate 14, Oslo
  • Osterhaus gate 4, Oslo
  • Refsenveien, Halden
  • Riddervolds gate 10, Oslo
  • Thereses gate 20, Oslo
  • Thor Olsens gate 4, Oslo
  • Torggata 20, Oslo
  • Seilduksgata 26, Oslo


Apartment buildings

  • Løren 5c, Oslo
  • Vikenstranda, Gjøvik
  • Hammermo, Lillehammer
  • Bjørklundgården, Lillehammer
  • Stallgata 4, Askim
  • Kongens gate 10, Oslo
  • Dobloug gården, Elverum
  • Kjøita 22, Kristiansand
  • Topdalsveien, Kristiansand
  • Storgata 63, Harstad
  • Ingeborgs have, Hokksund
  • Jægersborg, Stange
  • Sandnessjøen Terrasse, Sandnessjøen
  • Storgata 37, Lillehammer
  • Griniveien 2, Oslo
  • Centrumsgården, Brandbu
  • Torgveien 6, Brandbu
  • Kvartal 27, Gjøvik
  • Ersgaard, Lillehammer
  • Tovengtunet, Askim



Offices, shops and other commercial premises are fire protected with low pressure water mist. The solutions are found in several office buildings, e.g. Tykkemyr in Moss, Norway.

Mølla Storsenter

Mølla Storsenter, Brumunddal, Norway, is a shopping centre with approx. 15,000m2 with shops and offices.

Retail and offices

  • Autoveien 1, Harstad
  • Biri planteskole, Oppland
  • Bøndenes Hus, Askim
  • Coop Obs, Mosjøen
  • Dombås senter
  • Fåberggata 126, Lillehammer
  • Jotunheimen Sport, Vågå
  • Mølla Senter, Brumunddal
  • Sandviksbodene 77 i Bergen


  • La Dolce Vita Ristorante & Pizzeria, Brumunddal
  • Vulkan mathallen, Oslo

Production facilities

  • Euroskilt AS, Vingrom
  • Synnøve Finden, Alvdal
  • Terina, Lillehammer


Water mist solutions are easy to install and ensure safe protection. For instance, the solutions are found in Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the world’s largest inhabited castle. The castle has been home to 39 English monarchs and contains a large number of irreplaceable objects of art.


  • Aker kirke, Oslo
  • Brandval kirke, Kongsvinger
  • Fåberg kirke, Lillehammer
  • Fåvang kirke, Oppland
  • Geiranger Kirke, Stranda i Møre og Romsdal
  • Gravberget kirke, Våler kommune, Hedmark
  • Grue Finnskog kirke, Grue kommune, Hedmark
  • Hesby kirke, Finnøy kommune, Rogaland
  • Oppstad kirke, Sør-Odal, Hedmark
  • Rødenes kirke, Marker kommune, Østfold
  • Rømskog kirke, Rømskog kommune, Østfold
  • Sandøy kirke, Sandøy kommune, Møre og Romsdal
  • Strøm kirke, Sør-Odal, Hedmark
  • Talgje kirke, Finnøy kommune, Rogaland
  • Ullern kirke, Sør-Odal, Hedmark
  • Vinger kirke, Kongsvinger


  • Akershus festning, Oslo
  • Windsor Castle, Windsor, England

Museums and community centers

  • Aulestad, Gausdal, Oppland
  • Frogner Hovedgård, Oslo
  • Grytting Gard, Sør Fron, Oppland
  • Høgtun Aktivitetssenter, Marnardal kommune, Vest-Agder
  • Minne Kultursenter, Åseral kommune, Vest Agder
  • Observatoriet, Univ. i Oslo
  • Portåsen kultursenter, Mjøndalen, Buskerud
  • Randsfjordmuseene, Dokka, Oppland
  • Storgata/Sentrum, Lillehammer
  • Vigelandsmuseet, Oslo


Solutions from Prevent Systems are discrete and merge nicely with architecture and interior. For instance, the solutions are found in the Saga Hotel in Oslo, Norway.
  • Granavolden Gjæstgiveri, Gran, Oppland
  • Hotell Utsikten, Geiranger
  • Krossbu, Lom kommune, Oppland
  • Leirvassbu, Lom kommune, Oppland
  • Mesnabakken, Mesnali, Hedmark
  • Snøheim turisthytte, Trøndelag
  • Sognefjellshytta, Lom kommune, Oppland
  • Øyer Fjellstue på Lisætra, Oppland


Low pressure water mist ensures efficient fire protection of schools, kindergartens and other institutions. The solutions are for instance found in the kindergarten called The Building Block (Byggeklossen) in Harstad, Norway.

Byggeklossen kindergarten

Byggeklossen kindergarten, Harstad, Norway. The premises and outdoor areas of the kindergarten are designed in a way making it possible for children with functional defects to get around easily in the area.


  • Biri planteskole, Biri, Oppland
  • Gjøvik kommunale musikkskole
  • Lysaker skole, Bærum


  • Byggeklossen barnehage, Harstad
  • Doktor Holms vei barnehage, Oslo
  • Gilja barnehage, Gjesdal
  • Langhus barnehage, Ski kommune
  • Skogfaret barnehage, Oslo
  • Tårnsvalen barnehager, Oslo
  • Ødegården barnehage, Hurum


Extinguishing with water mist makes the following clean- up faster and ensures minimal interruption of daily operations.

Health and rehab centers

  • Brøttum og Lismarka omsorgsboliger, Ringsaker kommune
  • Engeli, Åsnes
  • Fiskebekkveien, Stavanger
  • Fossegård bokollektiv, Raufoss
  • Furubakken Aldersboliger, Gjøvik
  • Givraveien, Vinstra, Nord-Fron i Oppland
  • Hattfjelldal Mottak, Nordland
  • Høyenhall, Hønefoss i Buskerud
  • Kleberget, Moss
  • Lillehammer Helsehus
  • Skogli Helse- og rehabiliteringssenter, Lillehammer
  • Veigstad, Skjåk kommune
  • Ålgård, Gjesdal kommune
  • Åveien omsorgsbolig, Grong kommune