Building fires represent approx. 40% of all fires in the world.

Most fire deaths occur in private homes while people are asleep. Fire damage results in annual compensations – amounts which run into billions of dollars on a worldwide scale. Therefore, many countries impose stricter regulations and insurance companies reward installation of automatic fire suppression systems in residences and other properties, by offering lower insurance premiums.

A report from The International Association of Fire and Rescue Services, CTIF, shows that in 2014 the USA experienced close to 500.000 building fires and Great Britain just over 61.000. In Norway, the number is close to 4.000 building fires each year. This significant figure shows a real need for improved fire safety measures. ”Keeping in mind that Norway has a population of just about 5 million people, the number of building fires is staggering. It clearly shows the need for a more focused effort when it comes to sufficient fire safety measures”, Erling Mengshoel, Managing Director, Prevent Systems states.

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