Automatic low pressure watermist fire suppression systems from Prevent Systems are designed for the fire protection of lives, buildings and/or specific equipment. The systems have been tested and documented for Residential and Domestic applications, as well as commercial applications, described for sprinkler as Ordinary Hazard classes OH-1, OH-2 and OH-3. Please see respective datasheets for details and limitations.

The typical water mist system consists normally of these three main components:

  • Watermist nozzles, which produces and distributes the watermist that suppresses a fire in an activated area.
  • A pump-set to increase the water pressure from the town mains or water tank.
  • Pipes & fittings to distribute the water to the nozzles.


Nozzles from Prevent Systems are available both as ceiling and wall models. The nozzles are approved for Residential and commercial applications described for sprinkler as Ordinary Hazard applications OH-1, OH-2 and OH-3. Please see the respective datasheet for details and limitations.


Water mist solutions from Prevent Systems are installed with corrosion-free piping systems, including Stainless steel pressfittings, RedPipe PP-R, CPVC and PrevPex, a customised water leakage proof and replaceable pipe-in-pipe system.


Our pump-sets are developed in partnership with Grundfos, and are manufactured and delivered according to current standards.


Like having your own personal firefighter. Our water mist systems are highly efficient and developed in partnership with fire advisors and British Fire & Rescue Service.


RISE Fire Research, Memo – 27/10/2023
Confirms that our water mist nozzle satisfies the requirements in the Norwegian Building Code, DOK and TEK, and the water mist standart EN 14972-1.

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LPCB Certificate – 15/12/2016
First company with LPCB certified and listed water mist nozzles.

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BS 8458, INSTA 900-3 – 10/05/2017
BRE Global Test Report

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BS- DD 8458, INSTA 900-3 – 10/03/2011
The first company to pass fire testing to BS and INSTA Residential and domestic water mist test.

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BS 8489-7 Low hazard occupancies, OH-1 – 19/01/2017
The first company to have passed the BS 8489-7 Category 3 fire tests.

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SP fire test report – Underground parking garages – 11/01/2013
Fire testing parking garages, Ordinary hazard, OH-2

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BS 9252 – 23/08/2011
Fire testing sidewall nozzles to the Residential and domestic standard BS 9252

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IMO Res. 265 (84) – 04/01/2010
International Maritime Organization (IMO) test methods for Public Space

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The water mist solutions offer safety and security for its’ residents.
The solutions are for instance found in 500 apartments at The Bread Factory (Brødfabrikken) in Oslo, Norway.

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Apartment buildings

  • Solheimstunet, Lørenskog
  • Gartnerboligen, Skullerud, Oslo
  • Solhøgda, Lillehammer
  • Vannkunsten, Oslo
  • The Lodge, Trysil
  • Goaleitet, Stavanger
  • Lørenpynten, Oslo
  • Grønstad gate 53, Lillehammer
  • BoKlok moduler – Skanska/IKEA samarbeid
  • Lørenporten, Oslo
  • Vikenstranda, Gjøvik
  • Hammermo, Lillehammer
  • Bjørklundgården, Lillehammer
  • Stallgata 4, Askim
  • Kongens gate 10, Oslo
  • Dobloug gården, Elverum
  • Kjøita 22, Kristiansand
  • Topdalsveien, Kristiansand
  • Storgata 63, Harstad
  • Ingeborgs have, Hokksund
  • Jægersborg, Stange
  • Sandnessjøen Terrasse, Sandnessjøen
  • Storgata 37, Lillehammer
  • Griniveien 2, Oslo
  • Centrumsgården, Brandbu
  • Torgveien 6, Brandbu
  • Kvartal 27, Gjøvik
  • Ersgaard, Lillehammer
  • Tovengtunet, Askim

Townhomes/Row housing

  • Bergens gata 9, Oslo
  • Bygdøy Alle 60, Oslo
  • Ebbels gate 3, Oslo
  • Grønlandsleiret 19, Oslo
  • Home Keysers gate, Oslo
  • Olaf Ryes plass 2, Oslo
  • Osterhaus gate 14, Oslo
  • Osterhaus gate 4, Oslo
  • Refsenveien, Halden
  • Riddervolds gate 10, Oslo
  • Thereses gate 20, Oslo
  • Thor Olsens gate 4, Oslo
  • Torggata 20, Oslo
  • Seilduksgata 26, Oslo

Brødfabrikken, Løren in Oslo, Norway, will accommodate approx. 500 new apartments and office premises. The project is developed by Stor-Oslo Eiendom AS.

Nybyen Økern in Oslo is a new residential property with about 400 apartments.  The apartments will be within walking distance to the new Økern Centre with shopping, movie theatres and an aqua park.


Extinguishing with water mist makes the following clean- up faster and ensures minimal interruption of daily operations.

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Health and rehab centers

  • Brøttum og Lismarka omsorgsboliger, Ringsaker kommune
  • Engeli, Åsnes
  • Fiskebekkveien, Stavanger
  • Fossegård bokollektiv, Raufoss
  • Furubakken Aldersboliger, Gjøvik
  • Givraveien, Vinstra, Nord-Fron i Oppland
  • Hattfjelldal Mottak, Nordland
  • Høyenhall, Hønefoss i Buskerud
  • Kleberget, Moss
  • Lillehammer Helsehus
  • Skogli Helse- og rehabiliteringssenter, Lillehammer
  • Veigstad, Skjåk kommune
  • Ålgård, Gjesdal kommune
  • Åveien omsorgsbolig, Grong kommune


Solutions from Prevent Systems are discrete and merge nicely with architecture and interior.
For instance, the solutions are found in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in London.

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  • Granavolden Gjæstgiveri, Gran, Oppland
  • Hotell Utsikten, Geiranger
  • Krossbu, Lom kommune, Oppland
  • Leirvassbu, Lom kommune, Oppland
  • Mesnabakken, Mesnali, Hedmark
  • Snøheim turisthytte, Trøndelag
  • Sognefjellshytta, Lom kommune, Oppland
  • Øyer Fjellstue på Lisætra, Oppland


Low pressure water mist ensures efficient fire protection of schools, kindergartens and other institutions. The solutions are for instance found in a school called Møllergata Skole in Oslo, Norway.

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  • Biri planteskole, Biri, Oppland
  • Gjøvik kommunale musikkskole
  • Lysaker skole, Bærum


  • Byggeklossen barnehage, Harstad
  • Doktor Holms vei barnehage, Oslo
  • Gilja barnehage, Gjesdal
  • Langhus barnehage, Ski kommune
  • Skogfaret barnehage, Oslo
  • Tårnsvalen barnehager, Oslo
  • Ødegården barnehage, Hurum


Low pressure water mist ensures efficient fire protection of schools, kindergartens and other institutions. The solutions are for instance found in a school called Møllergata Skole in Oslo, Norway.

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Retail and offices

  • Autoveien 1, Harstad
  • Biri planteskole, Oppland
  • Bøndenes Hus, Askim
  • Coop Obs, Mosjøen
  • Dombås senter
  • Fåberggata 126, Lillehammer
  • Jotunheimen Sport, Vågå
  • Mølla Senter, Brumunddal
  • Sandviksbodene 77 i Bergen


  • La Dolce Vita Ristorante & Pizzeria, Brumunddal
  • Vulkan mathallen, Oslo

Production facilities

  • Euroskilt AS, Vingrom
  • Synnøve Finden, Alvdal
  • Terina, Lillehammer

Parking garages

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Water mist solutions are easy to install and ensure safe protection. 
For instance, the solutions are found in Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.

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  • Aker kirke, Oslo
  • Brandval kirke, Kongsvinger
  • Fåberg kirke, Lillehammer
  • Fåvang kirke, Oppland
  • Geiranger Kirke, Stranda i Møre og Romsdal
  • Gravberget kirke, Våler kommune, Hedmark
  • Grue Finnskog kirke, Grue kommune, Hedmark
  • Hesby kirke, Finnøy kommune, Rogaland
  • Oppstad kirke, Sør-Odal, Hedmark
  • Rødenes kirke, Marker kommune, Østfold
  • Rømskog kirke, Rømskog kommune, Østfold
  • Sandøy kirke, Sandøy kommune, Møre og Romsdal
  • Strøm kirke, Sør-Odal, Hedmark
  • Talgje kirke, Finnøy kommune, Rogaland
  • Ullern kirke, Sør-Odal, Hedmark
  • Vinger kirke, Kongsvinger


  • Akershus festning, Oslo
  • Windsor Castle, Windsor, England

Museums and community centers

  • Aulestad, Gausdal, Oppland
  • Frogner Hovedgård, Oslo
  • Grytting Gard, Sør Fron, Oppland
  • Høgtun Aktivitetssenter, Marnardal kommune, Vest-Agder
  • Minne Kultursenter, Åseral kommune, Vest Agder
  • Observatoriet, Univ. i Oslo
  • Portåsen kultursenter, Mjøndalen, Buskerud
  • Randsfjordmuseene, Dokka, Oppland
  • Storgata/Sentrum, Lillehammer
  • Vigelandsmuseet, Oslo

Windsor Castle is the world’s largest inhabited castle. The castle has been home to 39 English monarchs and contains a large number of irreplaceable objects of art.



Watermist is defined as water droplets less than 1mm in diameter.

How does it work?
Water from the mains or a tank, flows through distribution pipework and is “atomized” to many very fine droplets, as it passes through a water mist nozzle.  Many tiny water droplets create a greater total surface area per liter of water.

The smaller droplets absorb the heat from the fire, and lowers the temperature quickly. The fine droplets in and around the fire «boils» over from water to steam, or water vapor, which is an inert gas. This conversion to water vapor, dramatically increases the volume of water, up by almost 1700 times. The water vapor displaces the oxygen near the fire, and suffocates it.

The droplets that are not converted to water vapor, will wet the surrounding area and prevent the fire from spreading.

Effectively, the fire is attacked from all sides of the Fire Triangle – Heat, Fuel and Oxygen.


Exploiting water more efficiently has its’ obvious benefits;

  • The systems demand less water, smaller water intake or tank
  • Smaller dimensions on pipes and fittings
  • Easier and faster installation and replacement
  • Discrete and space-saving design in corrosion-free materials
  • Low maintenance costs due to high quality corrosion free components
  • Effective fire suppression solution that attacks all three sides of the fire-triangle simultaneously
  • Non-toxic fire extinguishing with reduced water consumption
  • Minimal interruption of the daily operation in case of fire
The International Water Mist Association has more on how water mist works:

Easy and fast installation - Discrete and space-saving design.

Since our systems require less water, the water intake or tank can be smaller, and all pipes and fittings are smaller. This results in easier and space-saving installations, a greater architectural advantage, which is important to builders, architects, contractors and owners.

Documented and certified

Prevent Systems water mist systems are fire tested in full scale fires at accredited fire laboratories according to international standards, with full documentation for applications to be protected. Our water mist nozzles were the first to be certified by LPCB and listed on

Respects the environment

Low pressure water mist technology use small components, which require less amount of material to manufacture, and more eco-friendly to transport and store. All components are of high corrosion free quality, designed to last the life of the building without considerable need for replacement and maintenance.


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Like sprinklers, there is no FG approval for the system. Our low-pressure Water Mist Systems are designed, installed and controlled by FG approved enterprises, according to TEK 17 and current standards.

YES! INSTA 900-1 and -2 for residential sprinklers will be replaced by NS-EN 16925:2018+NA:2019 and NS-EN 12259-14. Water Mist for residential application may still be designed as described in INSTA 900-1, if the requirements of INSTA 900-3 is fulfilled. See Standard Norway’s web page for more info.–nye-standarder-utgis-og-noen-trekkes-tilbake/



Water mist and sprinkler spray pattern

Parking car garage with 3m ceiling height

LOW Pressure watermist nozzles

Different Low Pressure Watermist fire suppression videos – diesel fuel fire, barn fires, residential fires and outside facade fire. 




The history about our innovative solutions goes back to 1987. Back then our current Head of Technology started developing water mist nozzles for fire suppression.

The systems were originally developed for the maritime sector and are found on board cruise liners, ferries and yachts all over the world. When founding Prevent Systems AS in 2007, the focus was shifted to the land-based market.

Our innovative solutions have made us a market-leader within research, development and distribution of automatic fire suppression systems with low pressure water mist.

Prevent Systems was the first company to meet the test requirements for the Nordic residential water mist standard, INSTA 900-3, and the British water mist standards for residential and domestic, BS 8458, and for low hazard occupancies, BS 8489. We were also the first company to obtain LPCB certification for water mist nozzles, listed on

More than 25 years of research and development experience enables us to deliver innovative patented fire protection technology to the fast growing residential market, as well as for light- and ordinary hazard applications. This includes apartment buildings, care institutions, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools parking garages and cultural heritage buildings.

The best installers and distributors are ready to help you


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