Due to increasing demand from the global market, we have stepped up our marketing strategy and released a new brochure.

“We experience an increasing demand for our water mist solutions from the global market. Therefore, we have stepped up our marketing strategy. The new and updated brochure is a natural part of this effort,” Erling Mengshoel, Managing Director, Prevent Systems explains.

The brochure addresses developers, consumers, specialists and other who are interested in fire protecting buildings.

“Striving towards the most innovative fire suppression solutions has always represented the core of our business. We consider the increasing demand a recognition of the development work we have invested in our solutions. Low pressure water mist technology is the fire prevention of the future. We want to share this with the world,” Erling Mengshoel states.

The new brochure is developed in collaboration with the Danish communications house, +vonbü Besides a brief business description, it contains a simple and clear presentation of the innovative solutions which have put Prevent Systems on the map.

Download the brochure here.