Green, greener, watermist

Those involved in watermist have used the time since then very well. They have tested systems and equipment, have developed fire-test protocols for all kinds of different scenarios and different hazard categories. One of the most important outcomes was the implementation of EN 14972-1:2020 this summer. 

Erling Mengshoel explains: ‘As standards are published and builders, contractors, consultants, designers, installers and the authorities having jurisdiction are made aware of them, it makes it easier to specify systems that comply with the standard and reject most of the solutions that do not”. 

Read the full article at UK FIRE here.

New European standard for water mist systems

The European water mist standard EN 14972-1 was published Dec. 23, 2020.
See CEN – Technical Bodies 

For Prevent Systems, as a leading manufacturer of water mist to the Residential and Light- and Ordinary hazard markets, this is a major milestone. Builders, fire consultants, contractors, designers and installers finally have a European standard they can refer to.

We believe the publication of the standard will open the market for water mist even more as a real alternative to residential- and traditional sprinklers. 

The national deadline for publishing the standard is June 30.



The Bridge Theatre is London’s first new commercial theatre for 40 years and is now the flagship home of the London Theatre Company. This new 900 seat auditorium overlooks the River Thames as part of Berkley Homes’ One Tower Bridge development.

Ultra Surefire has been involved in the installation of a Prevent Systems low pressure water mist system.

The water mist system was designed and installed to British Standards 8489, covering the back of house areas providing protection to the client’s specification.

The Ultra Surefire project team delivered the water mist system on budget and on time.

For the full article at Ultra Surefire, follow this link:


Due to increasing demand from the global market, we have stepped up our marketing strategy and released a new brochure.

“We experience an increasing demand for our water mist solutions from the global market. Therefore, we have stepped up our marketing strategy. The new and updated brochure is a natural part of this effort,” Erling Mengshoel, Managing Director, Prevent Systems explains.

The brochure addresses developers, consumers, specialists and other who are interested in fire protecting buildings.

“Striving towards the most innovative fire suppression solutions has always represented the core of our business. We consider the increasing demand a recognition of the development work we have invested in our solutions. Low pressure water mist technology is the fire prevention of the future. We want to share this with the world,” Erling Mengshoel states.

The new brochure is developed in collaboration with the Danish communications house, +vonbü Besides a brief business description, it contains a simple and clear presentation of the innovative solutions which have put Prevent Systems on the map.

Download the brochure here.


Building fires represent approx. 40% of all fires in the world.

Most fire deaths occur in private homes while people are asleep. Fire damage results in annual compensations – amounts which run into billions of dollars on a worldwide scale. Therefore, many countries impose stricter regulations and insurance companies reward installation of automatic fire suppression systems in residences and other properties, by offering lower insurance premiums.

A report from The International Association of Fire and Rescue Services, CTIF, shows that in 2014 the USA experienced close to 500.000 building fires and Great Britain just over 61.000. In Norway, the number is close to 4.000 building fires each year. This significant figure shows a real need for improved fire safety measures. ”Keeping in mind that Norway has a population of just about 5 million people, the number of building fires is staggering. It clearly shows the need for a more focused effort when it comes to sufficient fire safety measures”, Erling Mengshoel, Managing Director, Prevent Systems states.

Solutions from Prevent Systems already protect thousands of residences worldwide.